Tuesday, February 13, 2007

went a bit over on tonights speedpaint...hehe,it kills me that I went over...even though it was 1 min. When I set the 1 hour limit,I can't help but feel I gotta stick to that. Anyway,it was ok. I tried a new brush,not perfect,still gotta find the right brush.

So here it is...getting there slowly

anyways,this girl I know is now hooked on keith and the girl. I'm telling ya,you gotta give it a try...


later y'all


Patrick said...

how many hits a day are you getting by just using the phrase keith and the girl?

Raizor said...

Keith and the girl is okay to plug. It's not a Viagra plug.

Anyways, R'John, I would recommend making custom brushes, you'll be come
more comfortable speed=painting with them instead of the default ones that come with PS.

R'john said...

I'm not sure how many hits I guess. I'm not gonna stop promoting them though. I love that podcast,and I gotta mention them every chance I get...if you haven't checked it out,go...now.

Hey sunny,I did use some new custom brushes last night. My internet is down though,so I'll post it when I can...I got david levy's brushes too,they're really cool,but I'm not sure what to do about them...