Thursday, February 15, 2007

speedpaint from yesterday...didn't post yesterday cuz my internet wasn't working....anyways,here it is...I'm trying to do the same pic as the day before...I'll try it again tonight if I can...

anyways....peace y'all

you ever watch Lost,it was cool last night...not the best I've seen,but better than the one before...hopefully it gets crazier...

Finally,regarding Keith and the Girl. I recently got a post asking how many hits I get on my blog from Keith and the Girl. I'm not sure,I don't really know how to check that. I'm not sure if the guy was just curious or wondering if I was doing something shady. I'm definitely not doing anything shady. I'm just a fan of the podcast,and I think they deserve as many fans as they can get.

I could care less if my blog becomes famous. Its just a record of my progress as an artist. I don't even put my good work on this blog...just my experiments...I don't know what else to say,except,I'm still gonna promote Keith and the Girl. When I say,go check out keith and the girl,that's exactly what I mean.

go check out the podcast...


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