Sunday, February 11, 2007

Uhhh,getting better...but still not there. I like working chunky,it's something I wanna develop if you're following my progress(probably not,hehe)then look forward to alot more chunkiness in the future. If you're wondering,I do use photoref for these speedpaints. They're just for practice...just doing em to get better...not for any profits...just straight education

Just give keith and the girl one listen. They're just really great'll get hooked.
find em

peace y'all


Rowena said...

Yo! You're really on a mission with this speed painting stuff! Keep it up! :)

Dan and the girls told me they nearly ran you over as you were leaving lifedrawing class. that would have been ironic, eh?

R'john said...

hey,yeah I am. I'm determine to be as good or better than a guy we see at lifedrawing sometimes...I wanna be up there with the top guys. So I got alot of work to do.

Really,I didn't see them. I was listening to my hip hop and trying to walk tough,hehe,I hope I didn't look at them angry or anything. If I saw them,I would have waved.

If they hit me,it would prove that it's a small world...

see you at work...