Monday, June 05, 2006

well...As you can see by this post,I haven't exactly kept up with my new years resolution. I'm still trying to make an effort though. Still trying to get some life drawing in and work on drawing women. I'll post some when I'm not totally embarrased to show em.

Anyways,busy with work. I'll try to post weekly or semi weekly. I draw new stuff all the time. The problem is,most of the time I'm too tired to post em. I'll try to make more of an effort though.

Anybody into podcasts?
My favorites are...

Keith and the girl(best podcast ever. Just Keith and Chemda talking about alot of different topics...hilarious!)

The Sinigang(filipino american podcast about life in Virginia Beach,VA...very funny stuff)

Ghostly talk,Haunted New Jersey,Mysterious Universe,and Hometown Tales(all basically about Ghosts,strange stories and the paranormal)

heres a pic