Saturday, July 08, 2006

No art

No new art,just a few strange things I've seen lately.

Anyways,have you ever seen a U.F.O before?

I'm positive that I did.

About a week ago,my family came up from Calgary to Vancouver to visit for the Canada day long weekend. We were driving along,I was riding shot gun,and I noticed something kinda bright in the sky. I looked up,and at first I was confused. The object wasn't a bird,it was too short to be a Boeing and too long to be one of those small Cessna planes. It looked like a silverish white almond flying in the sky.

It was moving pretty quick. It didn't zip around,but just flew forward in a constant motion,faster than any plane I've ever seen,but slow enough for me to track it. Anyways,it was a beautiful day,bright blue sky and no clouds anywhere near the silverish object. The weird thing is as I was tracking this object,in a split second,it suddenly vanished. It was like it turned on it's cloaking device(he,like star trek). It's not like it faded as it got farther away,it was still visibly big from where I was watching it,and then it was gone just like that.

The crappy thing was,I just got a new cell phone with a camera,and I didn't remember that I could have taken a picture of the So,I was kicking myself for that.

I think it's a U.F.O,but that's just my opinion.

Another funny thing I saw that same day,an asian guy with long hair a Hitler mustache. I guess you had to be there. It was pretty shocking. I took a picture of it with my camera phone,but I think the guy knew I was taking a picture of him,so out of guilt,I deleted the picture.

That's it...I'm off to watch UFC 61 bitter rivals...
My picks are...Tito punishing Shamrock,and the pit bull knocking Silvia out. I like tim silvia,but I think if the pit bull catches him with one of those punches,he's going down.

see ya