Saturday, February 03, 2007

Long year

Wow...long time no post. I went on a month break from drawing during the Christmas know how it is...too much stuff to do...couldn't do any art. Anyways,I be back...been doing art again slowly over the last month. Even now I still feel real rusty.

First art I'm posting in the new year...I'm trying something new...speedpainting. I really wanna get my speed up,especially for my work. This first piece is pretty much my first speed painting ever. It's harder than I thought. I'll try to keep it up though. Then I can look at my work in a years time,and hopefully see myself get progressively better. The piece is very crude and embarassingly bad,but I'm looking at it as a learning experience,so it's all good.

Two artists I recently started liking alot...

First is David
He was recently featured in the latest issue of ImagineFX(great magazine by the way)
His images are amazing. I can't really describe it,you'll have to go check it out for yourself.

Second,someone you probably already know...
Again,he's amazing,his landscapes are unbelievable. I'm working on getting as good as these guys,but it's gonna be a while.

That's about it...

Last,I'd like to promote my fave podcast again(I'm not being payed to say this,their show is just that good.)...Keith and the girl...

find them at...

later y'all

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