Monday, December 12, 2005


I'm gonna finally post something soon. I recently lost the desire for drawing cuz all I do is draw at work. Slowly though,the interest is coming back...and so I'll try to post a few drawings weekly,along with some commentary about anything under the sun...

peace all


boku said...

hey r'john! wow, what a surprise to have your note on my bloggity blog thing. are you still working in the gaming world? i've been back in sf since late 2000. have you heard from the mikes, golden boy sargent or fuss-bucket harris?

i'll add you to my link margin.

talk soon,

sean seamus

R'john said...

hey sean,

good to hear from you...sorry it's taken so long to reply. I've been busy lately. Anyways,I'm gonna try to be better about maintaining my blog. Last I heard about sargent,he was taking english at u of victoria...and harris,I think he was doing some commercials for about you? Whats new with you?

me,I work at AKA doing prop designs...I really enjoy my last job before that...A&W

talk to you later